Winter Session: “Business Administration” is an annual four-week student internship program which includes 100 hours of intensive courses which utilize European teaching methods and stress teamwork and collaboration in a cross-cultural environment. Courses are taught in English. Russian language courses for foreign students are provided.

1 February – 1 March, annually  

Business Administration: 100 academic hours

We offer:

- study program in English

- dormitory

- options of budget meals (2-4 euros per meal)

- certificates of participation in exchange program including the list of taken courses and received marks (full documentation package)


There will be free dormitory available for the incoming students under the condition that we will continue our project and our students will enjoy equal opportunities if invited to take up the courses at your University. The dormitory is in the city center and about 25 minutes of walk or 20 minutes by transport away from the Institute. It is a nice place and convenient place with many cafes and shops around.


The students must speak English and demonstrate good/excellent academic progress at their home institution.

All classes are taught by highly-qualified teachers who specialize in specific subjects and are experts in their field.

 - Entrepreneurship in a Global Context

 - Leadership and professional development in multicultural society

 - Design & Project Management

 - Human Resources Management

 - Corporate Communications

 - Conflictology

 - Intercultural Communication & Management

 - Public Administration


Center of international programs and projects

Dr. Natalia Bobarykina


Telephone: +7 (8452) 65 35 66

Sobornaya Str. 23/25, 410031

Saratov, Russia


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