Faculties and departments
Faculties and departments

Faculty of Public & Municipal Administration

Address: 164 Moskovskaya St., room 1301

Phone: (845 2) 37-91-82

Е-mail: dekgmu@piuis.ru

The Faculty offers highly applied and engaging education and comprehensive training of the highly skilled managers in the field of Public Administration.

Areas of study: Public and Municipal Administration, Managing Documents Flow & Archivistics, Applied Informatics, Youth Work (bachelor programme 4 years), Customs Service, (specialist programme 5 years), both full-time and part-time study. Today more than 2000 students study here.

The teaching process is based on the fusion of the international experience and best national traditions of training in the field of Public & Municipal Administration and provided with the professional control of suitably qualified teaching staff.

Structure of the Faculty

Department of Public and Municipal Administration

Department of Economic Psychology and Public Service Psychology

Department of Sociology, Social Policy and Regional Studies

Department of Economics

Department of Applied Informatics and Information Technologies in Administration

Department of Philosophy

Public & Municipal Administration

The Public & Municipal Administration program is oriented to train highly-qualified professionals to work in federal and regional authorities and local self-government units. Graduates of the program may choose the following fields of study: Public & Municipal Administration service, Regional governance, Municipal governance, Administration in the social sphere (Social management), State and municipal property administration. Nowadays vacancy rate of public and municipal civil servants is being increased, and graduates of Public & Municipal Administration don’t face with employment problems. Our graduates build careers in different state and municipal institutions, international organizations, public authorities.

Faculty of Economics & Administration

Address: 23/25 Sobornaya St., room 421

Phone: (845 2) 33-92-46

Е-mail: dekpou@piuis.ru

The Faculty offers highly applied and engaging education and comprehensive training of future top managers, leader specialists in economy in state and local bodies, financial market institutions, taxation organs, system of social security, financial, analytical departments and departments for external economic relations of enterprises and organizations.

Full-time and part-time study: Management, Economics, Human Recourses, Trade Business (bachelor programme, 4years); Crisis Management, Accountancy & Audition, Marketing, Management of Organization, Tax & Taxation, Economics & Enterprise Management (real estate transactions) (specialist program, 5 years).

Teaching process is based on synthesis of classical fundamentality and applied universality, on the latest European educational technologies and educational traditions of our country.

Among the faculty academic staff there are 18 doctors of science and 58 PhD. Most of the academic staff is awarded with an «Honored Scientist of Russia» and «Honorary High educational employee of Russia».

Annually students take the internships in industrial and commercial organizations, state and local bodies of Saratov city and Saratov region.

Extra-curricular activities are represented in the work of students´selfgovernment bodies, students participate in creative projects and sport societies.

Structure of the Faculty

Department of Crisis Management

Department of Corporate Management

Department of German and French Languages

Department of Physical Education

Department of Marketing, Foreign Trade Activity and Accounting

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Department of Finance, Credit and Taxation

Department of Resource Management

Human Resource Management

The program “HR Management” gives its graduates opportunity to formulate and develop personnel policy, to select and recruit employees, to create, adapt and improve workplace facilities, to organize staff trainings. After graduating, bachelors may work in labor offices, employment services and management services of different companies specialized in industry, selling, tourism, insurance or any other field. 


The Management program helps graduates to lead management activity within organizations of all forms of ownership in all kinds of middle-ranking positions. Studying on this program includes manager’s practical skills development, such as communication, executive decision-making, stress and conflict management. Also bachelors of management have knowledge in the field of economics and sociology, they are familiar with running of the organization, computerized collecting and processing of information, which are popular in management environment.

Faculty of Political and Legal Administration

Address: 23/25 Sobornaya St. Room 421

Phone: (845 2) 33-92-46

e-mail: dekpou@piuis.ru

The faculty is devoted to the training of competitive specialists in the fields of political, expert activities, social communications, legal fundamentals in management. It is for people who are able to work in conditions of the integration of Russia into a world community.

The faculty offers the following majors: Political Science, Jurisprudence, Advertising and Public Relations, Regional Studies and others. 

Structure of the Faculty

Department of Administrative and Criminal Law

Department of Civil Law and Civil Process

Department of Constitutional and International Law

Department of Social Communication

Department of Legal Theory

Department of English Language

Department of History of Russian Statehood and Law

Department of Political Science

Department of Employment and Labour Law

Faculty of Postgraduate (PhD) & Master’s (M.A.) Programs

Master’s degree courses provide advanced specialized study in particular subjects. There are twenty postgraduate and two post-doctorate courses for scientific research and a successful career development.

Major research areas: Economics, Law, Management, Finance, Socio-political Relations, Information Technology, and Pedagogics.

Postgraduate master’s and doctoral programs combine supervised individual research and courses with highly qualified teachers and mentors.

Two year Master’s program (full-time study). Rhe program is also available as a part-time option, taking two and a half years.

The basic requirement for admissions for one of the master’s degree program is the bachelor’s / specialist degree (according to an area of study).

Some master’s courses require a bachelor’s degree in relevant subjects. 

Master’s degree programs offer a range of opportunities to:

- Develop academic, personal and professional skills in the field of management

- Obtain a second degree in a short time (part-time study) including a study without tuition fees.

- Acquire an additional specialty or change the scope of the occupation

- Broaden research interests; explore research methods and teaching activity. PhD is ideal for students who have already taken a Master’s degree

- Provide the best possibilities, based on employment and good professional career.

State and municipal employees, employees of enterprises, teachers of the universities of Saratov region and other regions of Russia take postgraduate courses at the Institute.

Master Programmes:

- State & Municipal Administration

- Economics

- Management

- Human Resources Management

- Youth Work

- Law Studies

- Political Science

- Advertising & Public Relations

- Conflictology

Postgraduate Programs:

- Political Culture & Ideology

- Regionalism. Regionalism (political sciences)

- Political Sociology(sociological science)

- Regionalism. Regionalism (sociological science)

- Economics & Management National Economy

- Constitutional Law, Municipal Law

- Administrative Law, Financial Law, Information Law 

Faculty of Second Degree

The Faculty provides competitive and professional specialists for state and local civil institutes.

Our students are representatives of state and local civil bodies, scientific community; managers of different companies, who are all interested in professional training and retraining.

Short programs (part-time study):

  • “State and Municipal Administration”
  • “Management”,
  • “Economics”,
  • “Law Studies”,
  • “Human Resources Management”.

Distance learning: some courses are offered for studying during one’s spare time; the students have an access to electronic teaching and learning aids; the modern communication facilities are used to provide a personal contact with professors.


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