Fundamental and applied research is mainly focused on administrative reforms in Russia and relevant problems  (modernization of local administrations, civil service reforms in territorial subjects of the Russian Federation, local government reforms in the Volga Region Federal District, modernization of personnel departments as a part of regional civil service reforms). The Institute works in close collaboration with  the government and civil society institutions. In the frames of this collaboration, it carries out the expertise of federal and regional acts, monitors public opinion on different aspects of social and political activities in the Saratov region, and delivers  advisory service  to the Saratov region Government, the Chief Federal Inspector in the Saratov region and local authorities upon their requests. 

Postgraduate education

Postgraduate studies 

Full-time studies – 3 years 

Correspondence studies – 4 years 

Key research areas:

The research focus of the Institute is deliberately inclusive, building on key areas of current strength (education for sustainability, e-learning, and work-based learning) as well as encouraging the development of new areas. Key areas for Institute members include the following:

- Public administration

- Social and political processes

- Public opinion monitoring of the activities of public authorities and the state of civil society

- Socio-political situation in the region

- Dynamics of the electoral preferences of the population

- Ethnic and religious relations

Different researchers are exploring these areas in a range of contexts – including investigating learning in the workplace; in further education colleges; and in online environments.

Institute aims to:

- Undertake innovative research into teaching and learning in a range of higher education contexts including work-based learning;

- Provide a forum for sharing and dissemination of inter-disciplinary pedagogic research methods and findings and enable knowledge transfer with impact on policy and practice;

- Develop new partnerships with external academic organisations and enterprises, both nationally and internationally;

- Nurture and develop further key areas of research strength such as Education for Sustainable Development, Research-informed Teaching, Experiential and Work-based Learning and Digital Futures;

- Develop pedagogic research into teaching and learning that is relevant to contemporary business and social contexts

The key research themes for the Institute and are listed below.​

- Process Flow Management

- Russian History

- Economics & Management of National Economy

- Social Philosophy

- Constitutional Law, Municipal Law

- Administrative Law, Financial Law, Information Law

- Social Structure, Social Institutes and Processes

- Sociology & Management

- Political Institutes, Processes and Technologies

Library and Information Resource Provision

Library’s collections include 250 thousands educational, reference and scientific books. The collection consists on books, pamphlets, and serials focusing on the history of labor, politics, political thought, civil rights, economic management, and electronic media etc. There are more than 300 magazines and newspapers, electronic library of educational and training materials. The library has three reading rooms, circulating library, room directories and files, electronic reading room.


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